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September  2020   Issue Vol. 14  No. 7 

Market Survey
Technology and electronics can brighten up India’s education sector
The pandemic has placed a big question mark over the future of the education sector. Technology offers India a chance to update its outdated curriculum to suit digital delivery, as well as an opportunity to provide such services to underserved communities in remote areas. Will the sector bite the bullet?

Electronic Components
Will the boycott of Chinese products help or hurt the Indian electronic component industry?
The Indian electronic component industry is facing several challenges in the supply chain system as the pandemic is showing no signs of abating and the negative sentiment against Chinese products continues to grow. The Indian government has given a clarion call for self-reliance in this critical scenario, but will need to work together with the industry to bring this about. If the opportunity is grabbed, it could give a great boost to the local electronic component industry.
Temperature Measurement
How NTC thermistors and RTDs differ
Temperature sensors are widely used, and selecting the right kind for diverse electronic measurement equipment can be a challenge. This article outlines the key differences between RTDs and NTC thermistors, enabling informed choices about which kind of temperature sensor to incorporate in product designs.
The number of global 5G mobile connections will cross 1.7 billion in 2023
The roll-out of 5G network infrastructure has been fast across Europe and APAC, in particular. Though the pace has slowed down temporarily across the globe due to the pandemic, it is projected to improve soon.
Semiconductor Industry
The impact of COVID-19 on the global semiconductor industry
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that turning one specific country or region into the ‘factory of the world’ was bad planning. In the semiconductor segment alone, which is overly dependent on the Far East, disrupted supply chains have paralysed electronics manufacturing across the globe. It is time for the sector to think differently, post COVID-19.
Electronics Manufacturing
The role of electronics manufacturers in the product value chain
The electronics industry’s pivotal role is reflected in the following industry segments – the high reliability electronics for aerospace and the healthcare industry; the medium reliability electronics for industrial electronics, automotive and security systems; and the lower reliability applications for household appliances. In the case of all these categories, manufacturers play diverse roles ranging from offering design services to taking on product retrieval post ‘end of life’. Here’s an insight into all that goes into the electronics manufacturing process.
Cyber Security
The importance of cyber security in the electronics industry
The ongoing pandemic has given a huge impetus to online transactions. Cyber attackers have been quick to latch on to this opportunity, and an 86 per cent increase in cyber crime has been reported during the lockdown in India. Electronics companies relying on software in the IIoT, Industry 4.0 and IoT era, must now ensure a good system is put in place to prevent cyber attacks from disrupting their businesses.
Electronics Industry
India’s electronics industry: One of the fastest-growing in the world
Global shifts in trade policies, like the US-China face-off, as well as the pandemic that has shown that dependence on one country for electronics raw materials can be a dangerous strategy, have given India a chance to step up. It is the opportunity of a lifetime for the Indian electronics manufacturing sector to avail enabling policies and grab global market share.
Power Management
“Our action plan is to enable all 250 million consumers to adopt prepaid smart meters in the next three years”
The Indian government is aggressively pushing for the adoption of smart meters to create a robust power sector. In the Union Budget 2020-21, the finance minister urged states and union territories to replace all conventional electricity meters with prepaid smart meters within the next three years. Animesh Mishra, head, sales and PR, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), discusses with Potshangbam July the importance of smart metering, its potential benefits to both consumers and distribution companies, and how it can reform the power sector.
PCB Manufacture
"Our main goal is to develop systems with high inspection performance, using entirely AI based technology"
Roberto Gatti, CEO, Delvitech, speaks with Mukul Yudhveer Singh on how the company is implementing AI into PCB manufacturing machinery. Set up in 2018, Delvitech designs, produces and implements automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems for assembled printed circuit boards (PCB).
SMT Industry
Growth in the SMT sector can take India’s electronics industry to the next level
With the government laying the groundwork to woo global MNCs, the SMT segment has an important role to play. Support for it is critical if Indian electronics manufacturing has to reach its full potential.
SMT Focus
The latest SMT inspection machines available in India
SMT inspection systems now come with a range of technological innovations. This article introduces readers to the latest models in the market.
Green Energy
Producing energy with wastewater
Wastewater need not be wasted – it can be treated to address the energy problems of the world.
ePower Focus
What you should know about power resistors
Resistors are one of the most commonly used passive components in electronic devices. As the name suggests, they resist the flow of excessive electrical power or voltage passing through the circuit, in a precise and controlled manner.
Industry News
Apple vendors, Samsung, among others, apply for the PLI scheme
Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has announced that electronics manufacturers, including Pegatron, Samsung, Lava and Dixon, have proposed to produce mobile devices and components worth over Rs 11 trillion over the next five years.
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Lighting Ahead
What to look for when choosing LED bulbs
LEDs remain the most expensive bulbs in the market today, though the cost of LED technology has dropped dramatically in recent times. Unlike other bulbs, however, LED bulbs pay back the initial high costs in the long run. A smart approach is required while selecting these bulbs.
Sourcing Mantra
The importance of LED video processors
LED video processors can display content seamlessly and scale to any size or shape. They enhance the quality and appeal of video walls, keeping viewers engaged and entertained.
LED News
LG to provide 20 million OLED panels for iPhone 12
Tech giant Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 12 smartphones in September this year. Prior to its release, rumours and reports have been floating about the phones’ display.
LED New Products
LED lights
Lumileds has revealed its complete line of LUXEON 3030 HE LEDs that enable fixtures for a wide variety of applications including architectural, office, high-impact retail, and indoor area illumination...

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