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April  2020   Issue Vol. 14  No. 2 

Industry Report
Opportunities in the EV market
Transportation is one of the main causes of air pollution and global warming. To combat pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, the concept of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid cars has gained traction globally. According to auto experts, EVs have zero carbon emissions and can help people across the world breathe cleaner air. Here’s a brief survey of how this sector is faring in India.

Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
IEW and IoTShow.in 2020: A post-show report
To postpone or not to—that was the question we were faced with two weeks before the India Electronics Week and IoTShow.in 2020. News of the coronavirus hitting Kerala (the state neighbouring Karnataka) got us worried. Then came news of some large trade shows postponing their dates—both in India and across the globe—and we were in a fix. Should we too call off the show?
But the record-breaking number of visitor registrations that we continued to receive during this period gave us the confidence that if things did not take a turn for the worse, we could organise the twin shows. And…we did.
Medical Equipment
Trends in the medical device distribution domain: 2020 and beyond
Much like drugs, medical devices and equipment play a key role in the healthcare sector. Widespread availability and easy access to quality medical devices are critical to the country’s goal of universal healthcare. India is currently the fourth largest medical devices market in Asia, after Japan, China and South Korea. This market in the country is expected to grow to US$ 50 billion by 2025. The global medical devices market is likely to grow to a whopping US$ 120 billion by the end of the period, 2018-2022, according to a report by market research firm Technavio.
Electronic Components
Government must offer more incentives to boost mobile components manufacturing
As the worldwide demand for smartphones and wearable devices increases, so does the demand for high quality electronic components. Smart automobiles, infrastructure and smart machinery are the other factors driving the demand for electronic components, claim mobile industry experts. They also predict that in the coming years, IoT will be the game changer and will lead to the addition of billions of new-fangled nodes or units on the Internet. These new units will include data storage devices, sensors, computers and related infrastructure. All of them will be interconnected through the IoT and will be integrated into networks and software systems. So there will need to be even more electronic components available, especially for mobile devices.
Sustainable Power
How wind-solar hybrid systems can improve grid reliability and stability
Sustainable power generation through renewable energy, instead of conventional fossil fuels, not only helps to reduce our carbon footprint but also makes power available to non-electrified remote areas. Since renewable energy sources like solar or wind are not available in all seasons, it is not advisable to rely on them completely. For example, solar energy cannot be harnessed to its full potential during the monsoons, while wind speeds may be high in one season and not so in another. In areas where more than one renewable energy source is available, a hybrid power system that combines their benefits can improve the reliability and stability of the grid.
Five reasons why an external consultant can add value to your business
Being a first-generation entrepreneur, or one trying to monetise a disruptive idea, can be quite a challenging task. Although there has been a steady growth in entrepreneurship across India, thanks to the supportive socio-political environment, a lot of startups fail, despite raising initial rounds of funding. Business consultants or external business auditors can help entrepreneurs give shape to their business ideas and support them with their own knowledge and experience, to move their concept forward.
My Story
“Do not brood over failures or government systems, but analyse, plan and decide on a course of action”
Born into an established business family from Meerut, Ashok Kumar Jain is a technocrat by choice and the CEO of Anant Enterprises, which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components in the country. Since childhood, he had a fancy for making things and hence, chose engineering as his career. This meant turning away from his family business of running one of the largest roller flour mills in western Uttar Pradesh. In 1972, he did his B. Tech from IIT-Kanpur. He shares the highlights of his professional journey with Nijhum Rudra.
My Story
“Entrepreneurs should behave like farmers, rather than like hunters”
Rushabh Shah, director of Madhu Subtronic Components Pvt Ltd, speaks to Baishakhi Dutta about his professional and personal journey, and how a strong sportsman-like spirit coupled with international exposure helped him evolve as a professional.
How remanufacturing can lead to a better environment
Remanufacturing (which is different from recycling) uses as little as 10 per cent of the energy and raw materials employed in manufacturing, while lowering carbon dioxide emissions by more than 80 per cent.
Electronic Components
"Our emphasis is on earning the trust of customers"
Formerly known as Integrated Industrial Electronics, IIE Semiconductors Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company engaged in the distribution of electronic components worldwide. The company’s focus is on quality rather than pricing, and this has resulted in it developing enduring relationships with its customers. Amit Kulshrestha, director, IIE Semiconductors Pvt Ltd, in an interaction with Potshangbam July, discusses the company’s plans and shares his general observations on the Indian electronics industry.
Component Distribution
"India needs to remove red-tapism and take care of infrastructure, roads, railways and, most importantly, work towards growing businesses"
With local electronics output exceeding imports for the first time, India’s electronics ecosystem looks very promising. In an interaction with Baishakhi Dutta, Vick Aggarwala, president and CEO of Supreme Components International (SCI), a Singapore based component distributor, shares his take on the current Indian electronics industry and the growth opportunities he envisages in the coming days. Excerpts follow...
Electronics Industry
"The government should initiate awareness programmes for MSMEs"
Amitansu Satpathy, managing director, Best Power Equipments, in an exclusive interview with Nijhum Rudra, explains that even though there are a lot of important government directives and policies for the development of Indian industries, sadly, implementation of these directives is extremely poor. The prime minister’s office (PMO) issues a lot of directives to the Ministry of Defence, the HRD ministry, as well as to the IITs and universities so that Indian manufacturers get the best solutions. Unfortunately, Satpathy claims, decision makers who need to implement these solutions seem to encourage multinational companies rather than local MSMEs. There is a general perception that the problems of Indian MSME manufacturers are rarely addressed since their voices are not heard. Here are some interesting excerpts from the interaction.
Component Distribution
"We consider every customer a partner"
Stocking the right inventory and providing that to customers on time is what a good component distributor specialises in. With the gradual increase in the number of startups, the demand for components has skyrocketed in recent years. At this juncture, how are traditional players keeping up with the digital world? Vaibhav Shah, proprietor of Heet Electro Devices, in an interaction with Baishakhi Dutta, discusses the company’s strategy for keeping up with the tough competition from online sales platforms.
Smartphone Growth
India’s smartphone market grew by a mere 8 per cent in 2019: IDC India
In India’s dynamic smartphone market, 2019 threw up a number of surprises. The Chinese brands held their ground, growing in market share. Samsung not only dropped in the rankings, but also had to deal with a resurgent iPhone in the premium segment. And offline sales suffered a setback.
Why your cloud services provider’s business must be as stable as yours
Why your cloud services provider’s business must be as stable as yours
As the number of­ cloud services providers increases dramatically to address the booming demand, organisations should ensure they sign up only with those who have an established track record.
Manufacturing Focus
Know more about soldering and desoldering stations
What makes soldering and desoldering stations stand out is their ability to operate with precision under controlled temperature conditions. That they are easy to use and maintain is an added advantage.
SMT Focus
SMT solder paste printers prevent defects in PCB assemblies
With electronics manufacturing increasing across India, picking the right solder paste printer can improve the productivity and quality of a product.
ePower Focus
The advantages of small-sized transformers
Small-sized transformers used in the electronics domain come with precision engineering, low breakdown rates and a long life.
Green Energy
The importance of sustainable air purification solutions for a better life
With the quality of air in most big cities deteriorating due to a host of reasons, air purifiers will soon become as essential as water purifiers in homes and offices. Fortunately, there is a lot of research and development happening in this space.
Lighting Ahead
LED signage offers better communication and a lower carbon footprint
LED based signage enhances advertising because of the striking and eye-catching visual effects, which is why it is the most sought after for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Sourcing Mantra
LED displays need the best manufacturing equipment
The production of LED display screens needs sophisticated equipment, as the manufacturing process is complex and must be precise.
LED News
Coronavirus has impacted the growth of the Indian LED lighting industry
With the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in China, the prices of LED lights and bulbs are expected to go up as manufacturers will face a shortage in the supply of components, claims ELCOMA.
LED New Products
LED bulb
Syska Group has launched an innovative four-in-one, multi-coloured LED bulb called Quartet, which highlights living spaces in four colourful light modes. It is a 12W LED bulb with 1200 lumens, and is available in three different colours and in various modes...
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Industry News
Government to roll out Rs 420 billion to assist
local mobile phone manufacturers

According to a report in the Times of India, the Indian government has worked out a production linked incentive (PLI) package...

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