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February  2020   Issue Vol. 13  No. 12 

Industry Report
The growth of R&D in India
To give a boost to innovation and continuously launch new services and products, multinational companies spend billions on research and development (R&D), which also helps in enhancing the quality of their existing products. After all, it’s the huge investments in R&D that lead to the next generation of technology. India offers talent and low costs, as a result of which many of these companies have (or are planning to) set up an R&D centre in India. The local industry, however, can do better on this front.

Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
Green Energy
The role of blockchain in the green energy sector
Ever since cryptocurrencies became popular after the hype around Bitcoin, its underlying technology, the blockchain, has found application in numerous other sectors such as healthcare, real estate, tourism and media, for data maintenance and security. The green energy sector, too, can benefit immensely by using this technology.
Office Productivity
Using LibreOffice to Increase Business Productivity
Business and productivity are two sides of the same coin. The use of open source software promotes productivity by removing several bottlenecks like vendor lock-in, the unnecessary expense when using proprietary software, issues involved in the maintenance of the software, etc. This article highlights the LibreOffice suite.
My Story
Entrepreneurs should never give up, but take calculated risks and be open minded
Sheer determination and ambition kept him going even through challenging times. Vick Aggarwala, president and CEO of Supreme Components International (SCI), talks to Baishakhi Dutta about his career path that has taken him across the globe.
Consumer Electronics
“Our target is to provide the Indian family with convenient, time saving and cost effective solutions for their daily lives”
Sharp, the Japanese multinational electronics firm, has launched its new range of smart home appliances in India, with which it is aiming to strengthen its presence in this segment. The company intends to focus on premium products and prompt customer services. Its new range of smart home appliances includes twin cookers, superheated steam ovens, slow juicers, vacuum blenders, bread makers and air purifiers. In an interaction with Nijhum Rudra, Shinji Minatogawa, MD, Sharp Business Systems (India) Pvt Ltd, discusses the company’s business model, its expansion and investment plans in India, and the challenges global players face in the country.
"Mantis is a ‘made in India’ electric bike"
Ranjita Ravi, co-founder, Orxa Energies, in an exclusive conversation with Mukul Yudhveer Singh, sheds light on how the company conceptualised and built India’s first performance-oriented electric bike called Mantis.
Though this electric bike is the company’s newest addition to its product portfolio, and the final prices are yet to be announced, Orxa is already generating revenues by retailing battery packs to aerospace and electric vehicle players. Here are some interesting excerpts from the interaction.
Internet of Things
The most important thing is the selection of the IoT platform; it needs to have as many interfaces as possible to enable the sensor technology"
Nokia advises enterprise customers on how to evaluate the scalability of the IoT platform they procure and calculate the number of interfaces they will require in order to successfully incorporate IoT into their business. Samar Mittal, VP, software, India market, Nokia, talks to Baishakhi Dutta about the company’s strategies to address the large variety of use cases found among Indian customers.
Electronics Kits
"To keep up with the times, one needs to go online, and we will do so too"
Dolphin Electronics, an electronics DIY kit manufacturing company, plans to leverage the online sales channel to reach out to a larger audience base. Hemant Parab, director of Dolphin Electronics tells Baishakhi Dutta about the company’s latest additions to its product portfolio, and its strategies to engage with different target groups.
Electronic Components
Why is the Indian electronic components industry not growing faster?
Top-notch electronic products have become an essential element of our lives and the demand for them is increasing due to the advances in technology and cheaper Internet access. Electronics is now the world’s fastest growing sector and plays a prominent role in all other verticals too. The government is also highly focused on electronics hardware manufacturing as it will boost the Digital India and Make in India initiatives. According to MeitY, electronic hardware and component manufacturing in India faces immense challenges from competing nations due to numerous local hindrances, which include inadequate infrastructure, high cost of finance and logistics, and inverted custom duties.
Manufacturing Focus
How ferrite cores enhance the quality of power
Ferrite cores are used to suppress high frequency noise and signals on the power supply line. Their effectiveness lies in enhancing the power quality.
SMT Focus
What’s new in 2D and 3D automatic inspection systems?
The new automatic inspection systems (AOIs) have been developed considering future artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data based applications.
ePower Focus
UPS systems and inverters: Sources of seamless power backup
With constant tech upgradations, UPS systems and inverters have become more sophisticated. The modern versions come with wonderful new features, such as charging time displays, child safety, being shock-proof, short circuit protection, lightweight designs, etc.
Lighting Ahead
How LEDs are transforming the lighting in vehicles
LED lighting is emerging as the natural choice in automotive applications due to its inherent energy efficiency and environment-friendliness. It also enables creative lighting designs that enhance the aesthetics of an automobile.
Sourcing Mantra
Indoor and outdoor LED displays: How are they different?
LED billboards, screens and other products are getting more popular by the day. LED displays have become an important part of the way modern businesses communicate with their customers. Their high brightness, low power consumption, and longer shelf life are just some of the characteristics that give them an edge over the earlier LCD screens. Indoor LED displays, however, are different from outdoor displays in a number of ways.
LED News
LED lights in fishing nets can save the lives of endangered species in the sea
A new study by the University of Exeter and Peruvian conservation organisation ProDelphinus suggests that LED lights fitted in fishing nets will reduce the chance of marine animals such as dolphins and turtles being caught in these nets...
LED New Products
LEDs for horticultural applications
Lumileds has announced the Luxeon SunPlus 2835 family of packaged LEDs for horticultural applications, extending the SunPlus portfolio that initially came into the market in 2016. The new LEDs are offered in a cost-effective, mid-power LED package with a 28mm × 35mm footprint as the model number implies...
Industry News
India to allow all telcos, including Huawei, to participate in 5G trials
The Indian government has decided to allow all mobile operators and network equipment manufacturers to conduct super-fast speed 5G network trials in India. Chinese telecom vendor Huawei will also be allowed to participate in the trials...
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