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Electronics Bazaar
January  2020   Issue Vol. 13  No. 11 

Industry Report
Being globally competitive is what will drive the Indian ESDM Sector
As we embark on a new year, innovation and agility will be the essential ingredients for any organisation, regardless of industry, to stay competitive. Indian companies in the electronics system design and manufacturing (ESDM) industry need to take even greater advantage of emerging tech tools to accelerate experimentation, facilitate innovation, boost agility and power their journey in this era of digital disruption.

Green Energy
Is bio-CNG the right green fuel for public transportation?
The transport sector is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. As per the UN World Meteorological Organization, global temperatures will rise by 3.5 degrees Celsius in this century if urgent measures are not adopted. Nations have been focusing on exploring renewable energy sources to reduce the transport sectors’s environmental impact. But the question that arises is, which source is the most effective alternative? Could cow dung or vegetable peels be the answer to this problem?
The top global semiconductor companies operating in India
As the demand for IoT enabled electronic devices increases across the globe, so does the requirement for top-notch chipsets. Hence, across the world, the electronics industry has witnessed tremendous growth of semiconductor companies over the past couple of years. In India though, in spite of the huge growth in demand for industrial and consumer electronics in the past decade, and Chinese and other foreign companies shifting production here, semiconductor manufacturing hasn’t kept pace with global trends. India still depends on basic raw materials from China and other nations. This makes the local manufacturing of chipsets even more costly. There are a few large global companies though, that plan to make these in India in the near future.
My Story
“I think it is very important to continuously upskill and reskill oneself to keep up with the changing times”
His zeal and enthusiasm to learn new things, in sync with the fast-changing market, does not allow him to get complacent about his achievements. Amit Madan, country manager, TransTechnology India Pvt Ltd, in a candid conversation with Potshangbam July shares how self-discipline and continuous learning have helped him to come a long way.
My Story
"It was my dream to set up the largest electronics set-top box manufacturing plant within India with state-of-art machines"
Making risky investments was discouraged by his family members, who feared losses in case the markets crashed. But the zeal to prove everyone wrong kept Ashish Jain going. The director of Modern Communication & Broadcast Systems Pvt Ltd sat down for a candid conversation with Baishakhi Dutta to share his entrepreneurial journey, covering the important lessons he learnt about the industry, over the years.
My Story
“Praise your employees in public if they perform well, but when they make mistakes, highlight that face to face”
Born in Palwal, a small town in Haryana, Praveen Madan is now the country head at Juki India Pvt Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sewing machines and SMT machines. In an interaction with Nijhum Rudra, he talks of his professional journey, his childhood and education, and the various challenges he faced in his career, which he successfully overcame to strengthen the business.
Small Biz Tech Trends
The top technologies that small businesses should adopt to grow
As business models become more complex, it is essential for small businesses to re-evaluate and adopt technologies that can boost productivity and drive performance. Decision makers of small businesses can use this report to identify the top five technologies that they could adopt in the coming year, understand why they should invest in them, and how their businesses will benefit from this.
EMS Zone
Sanjay Technologies works in partnership with its customers to script their success stories
Consistent growth, from a basic manufacturing setup to state-of-art infrastructure, is ensuring Sanjay Technologies’ success in the EMS field.
SMT Focus
The latest launches in PCB cleaning systems
Even as electronic products become more complex and compact, they must meet strict safety, reliability, and stability standards. Hence, defluxing becomes a key activity in the PCB assembly process. And for that, the right cleaning system must be used.
ePower Focus
What makes switchgear intelligent?
Intelligent switchgear helps in the smart management of power supply systems to enhance the latter’s efficiency, reliability and safety. What differentiates such switchgears from typical electric switchgear power systems is their excellent pattern recognition and prediction capabilities.
Industry News
Enough spectrum available to start 5G services: Ravi Shankar Prasad
Telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that the spectrum proposed for auction is enough to launch 5G services in the country...
New Products
• Components
• Test & Measurement
• Modules
• Miscellaneous

Test & Measurement
“Customers have a hard time keeping track of thousands of test assets”
Whenever thought leaders from the test and measurement (T&M) industry are interviewed, the discussions centre around the latest specs and capabilities of the hardware. But when Rahul Chopra, editorial director, EFY Group, got an opportunity to speak to Eric Taylor, VP, services, Keysight Technologies, the conversation focused on the importance of services and customer support in this industry.
Accessories Market
"The Indian CE market is mostly driven by price rather than technology"
The consumer electronics and accessories market is certainly growing, and this trend will continue in the coming years. The main factor behind this growth is the popularity of smartphones. Yet, in India, smartphone penetration is less than 45 per cent of the overall market...
India Strategy
"We assign the most experienced personnel from Japan to support local companies in India"
Business for Yamaha, the SMT equipment manufacturer from Japan, is growing well in India. Isomura Norihisa, group manager - Europe, America and South East Asia sales group (SMT overseas sales and marketing division, global inspection business) at Yamaha, feels that Indian customers are gradually beginning to make faster investment decisions. In a chat with Baishakhi Dutta, he outlines the company’s growth strategy, his views on the government’s policies, and more.
IoT Solutions
"IoT is here to stay and, in fact, will expand with every passing day"
Sparr Electronics Ltd, an embedded electronics hardware manufacturer, is betting big on the IoT, based on the significant demand for connected technologies among customers. However, Mohandas U., the firm’s director, believes that for successful IoT adoption, Indian customers need to shed their traditional problem-solving mindset and adopt IoT because of its predictive capabilities. In a conversation with Baishakhi Dutta, he shares his views on the current IoT landscape and his company’s strategies to succeed in this space.
Handheld Equipment
"The companies coming up now are realising that quality comes only at a price"
Advance Tech, an industrial equipment, tools and consumables distributor, uses its R&D wing to offer customer-driven innovations on its inventory. Nitish Gupta, business development manager of Advance Tech Services Pvt Ltd, chats with Baishakhi Dutta about the Indian business landscape.
Component Distribution
"Online sales have definitely started hitting the offline business"
A clear understanding of customer requirements and an always-stocked inventory are what Component Masters, a Mumbai based distributor of electronic components, suggests customers need to evaluate prior to selecting their component distributors. Parag Mehta, partner, Component Masters, talks to Baishakhi Dutta about the firm’s strategy to cater to customers better.
Lighting Ahead
The differences between micro and mini LEDs
Micro and mini LEDs have emerged as the most talked about displays in the LED industry. This industry is witnessing a massive transition at a rapid pace because of the outstanding features of these new LEDs.
Sourcing Mantra
The different types of LED displays
As LED lighting technology evolves, LED displays have become more versatile. This article takes readers through the new developments in the field.
LED News
NFR aims to replace all traditional lights in its railway coaches with LED lights
The North-East Frontier Railway (NFR) zone of the Indian Railways has decided to improve the lighting inside train coaches. The authorities have requested the ministry to replace all the existing incandescent lamps and CFL lights inside coaches with LED lights.
LED New Products
LED driver
Featuring a distortion-cancelling input-current shaping (ICS) circuit, the HVLED007 AC/DC LED driver from STMicroelectronics helps energy-saving solid-state luminaires to comply with increasingly stringent lighting regulations.

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