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Electronics Bazaar
July  2017   Issue Vol. 11  No. 5 

Industry Report
Are mobile phones truly being ‘Made in India’?
Let’s delve deeper to understand how the phased manufacturing programme (PMP), the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) and greater domestic value addition could shape the Indian mobile manufacturing ecosystem in a positive way.

Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
Government Policies & Schemes
GST Bill: The green signal for ‘one nation, one tax’
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is all set to be rolled out from July 1, 2017. The aim of the GST is to collate multiple taxes into one common tax. This move is expected to reduce the cost of compliance and transactions, transforming India into a more efficient economy. However, a few doubts remain with respect to the new tax rates and the complexity of the structure.
In The News
Innovative solutions for a smarter world
At recent tech gatherings, we met up with many solutions providers, whose aim is to make India ‘smarter’. Their solutions not only promise savings of cash and resources but also present great business opportunities.
Manufacturing Floor
Inquisitiveness and the zeal to innovate are the reasons behind Su-Kam’s success
Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd has a presence in 90 countries and has filed for over 100 patents. It manufactures more than 200 products including various solar products, UPS systems, batteries and customised solar solutions.
Photo Gallery
Wire harness manufacturing, in action
What do factories in India look like? How are they set up? To answer some of these questions, we decided to start this photo series. The first plant we feature in this series manufactures wire harnesses.
ePower Focus
New charge controllers that maximise a system’s potential
Now that solar power is cheaper than coal-based electricity in India, public interest is gravitating towards off-grid solar power as an alternative. One prime market segment that has directly benefited from the transition to solar electrification is solar charge controllers.  This article briefly introduces some newly launched products in the category.
SMT Focus
What’s new in selective soldering systems?
Soldering nozzles and flux applicators play an important role in selective soldering, and the technological advancements in these products have resulted in higher productivity.
SMT Focus
What’s new in stencil and screen printer systems?
Highly efficient, compact printers with the automatic stencil cleaning option are the latest trend in the market. These new stencil and screen printers have technical specifications that make them more precise, reliable and suitable for various applications in the electronics industry.
T&M Focus
What’s new in the consumer electronics testing scenario?
The interconnectivity of consumer electronics devices has led to complex test scenarios that require new and scalable test equipment.
Manufacturing Focus
Choosing the right conformal coating saves money and prevents component failure
The conformal coating of a PCB helps to protect it from the short circuiting of components, high voltage arcing, rusting, etc, thus extending its life. This, in turn, brings down the costs of servicing, component replacement, or even replacing the PCB.
LED Focus
Here’s what will really make LED lighting take off in offices
LED lighting technology is revolutionising the illumination market, thanks to its outstanding efficiency. Although LEDs have been around for a few years, it’s only recently that their prices have dropped enough to make a real impact on the market, encouraging many offices to invest in switching to a greener, safer and more energy efficient lighting model while achieving huge savings in their energy bills.
Sourcing Mantra
Why through-hole technology is still alive in the SMT era
There is a misconception that through-hole technology has disappeared from the LED landscape. Though considered outdated, through-hole technology is still alive and kicking, playing a crucial role in LED manufacturing.
LED New Products
Feit Electric launches conventional-looking LED glass colour bulbs
Feit Electric has launched its glass colour filament bulbs. Though these bulbs incorporate the latest LED technology, they offer the conventional filament look...
LED Interesting Products
.This night light guides your midnight trip to the bathroom
.Portable Philips Hue Go paints your wall in millions of colours
.Alcatel’s A5 LED phone has an interactive
back panel

LED News
Vedanta and Indian high commission adopt UJALA scheme in UK
The Indian high commission in London and the Vedanta Group, led by metals tycoon...
My Story
“I was always inclined towards manufacturing, but back in those days, it was more a question of survival”
“In life, you win some and you lose some—that should not stop you from reaching your goals,” is the mantra that has helped B.M. Vaish, chairman, ITP Group, achieve great success in his life. In a lively conversation with Baishakhi Dutta, business journalist for Electronics Bazaar, he shares his exhilarating journey in the Indian electronics industry, which has spanned a few decades.
In Conversation
"We are more local than most local companies when it comes to lighting in India"
With its exclusive range of connected lighting systems and services, Philips Lighting is all set to develop the smart cities of tomorrow. In a conversation with the Electronics Bazaar team, Harshavardhan Chitale, vice chairman and MD, Philips Lighting India, shares his views on the recent advances in the lighting industry and their applicability in the Indian environment.
Buyers’ Interview
Electronics supply chain management systems in India: Challenges and solutions
Today, competencies in electronics supply chain management (SCM) are seen as a critical requirement for organisations. In an attempt to understand and evaluate the current SCM scenario across India, Sudeshna Das, senior executive editor and Baishakhi Dutta, business journalist - EFY Group, spoke to Chandrasekhar Chaluwadi, GM - procurement and business development, Intelux Electronics Pvt Ltd and Narayan Kumar J., MD - technical, Sanjay Technologies. The discussion covered subjects like understanding the potential benefits of an effective SCM system, and how such systems can become the critical backbone for the Indian electronics industry.
Industry News
Gartner says worldwide sales of smartphones grew 9 per cent in first quarter of 2017
Global sales of smartphones to end users totalled 380 million units in the first quarter of 2017, a 9.1 per cent increase over the first quarter of 2016, according to Gartner Inc...
New Products
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