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Electronics Bazaar
March  2018   Issue Vol. 12  No. 1 

Industry Report
The outlook for the Indian electronics industry in 2018-19
What are the key trends and opportunities that may impact the Indian electronics industry and influence business strategies in the coming year? Here are some perspectives and insights shared by key industry experts.

Govt Policies & Schemes
Union Budget leaves electronics industry puzzled
The live telecast of the Union Budget 2018-19, like last year, started out with people from the electronics industry glued to their televisions, with much anticipation and hopes for what would be in store for them. But the finance minister’s speech proved that the budget boxes were not big enough to keep the electronics industry happy.
Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
IEW 2018: Post-Show Report

Market Strategy
Indian manufacturers in the ACE industry need urgent support from the government
The rapid pace of urbanisation, a large emerging middle class and easy digital access have made appliances and consumer electronics (ACE) products in India very popular. Being an emerging economy, the Indian ACE industry will continue to witness robust demand in the coming years as well. The question is: Can Indian consumer appliances makers transform the country into a global manufacturing hub?
India Strategy
"We aim to have a manufacturing base in Hyderabad within six months"
For the seventh consecutive year, LEDiL Oy, an LED optics company from Finland, participated in LED Expo 2017, New Delhi, showcasing its stellar line of optical solutions. Joni Maki, global sales director and Radhesyam N., sales representative, feel that the growing consumer base and bulk government tenders are enough to attract large investments into the LED sector. In conversation with Shruti Mishra, business journalist at Electronics Bazaar, they both share their thoughts on the firm’s expansion plans.
Events (NEPCON)
“Why I felt HOT in Japan even in January”
NEPCON Japan has traditionally been the showcase for the hot, new trends in electronics. This year, too, the event lived up to its top billing, giving visitors a glimpse into what will dominate the industry in the coming months – in the EV space, in wearables, and in smart manufacturing.
SMT Focus
The latest offerings in high volume pick-and-place machines
The heart of the SMT assembly process, a pick-and-place machine, is an expensive piece of equipment. With many options offered by different companies, buyers need to plan their purchases very strategically.
Manufacturing Focus
Hand tools for safer and quicker operations
Even in the era of automation, certain operations require the touch of the human hand. That is what makes hand tools an essential inclusion in the manufacturer’s arsenal.
ePower Focus
A focus on localisation will increase the production of EV batteries in India
To realise the ambitious target of having only electric cars by 2030, India needs to encourage the local battery industry diligently. Although manufacturers and policy makers are working with conviction to make it happen in a big way, there are still a few challenges to the scaling up of domestic battery production.
My Story
“I hope to get some innovation going in the Indian lighting industry”
To lead the transition from standard LED lighting to smart lighting is his passion, and he believes that innovation is the key that can make this happen. With more than a decade of rich experience in the lighting industry behind him and with strong support from his friends, Rajeev Chopra set up iBahn Illumination in the end of 2016. This startup in the smart LED lighting space aspires to become an Indian multinational. In a candid conversation with Shruti Mishra, business journalist, Electronics Bazaar, he shares some interesting and important aspects of his life.
In Conversation
"We are set to grow at over 20 per cent this year"
Semiconductor distributor Rabyte Electronics is all set to be a leader in the electronics domain. The company has witnessed 20 per cent growth over the past year and expects to maintain the same momentum in the next financial year. In an exclusive conversation with Abid Hasan of Electronics Bazaar, Shiv Shankar Singh, director, Rabyte Electronics, shares what the firm will focus on and how it differentiates itself when providing solutions to its customers.
In Conversation
"Online platform will lead to more business opportunities"
Shreeji Semiconductors is a manufacturer of telecom relays, general purpose relays and automotive relays, with concrete expansion plans for 2018. Talking to Abid Hasan of Electronics Bazaar, Manish Vithalani, owner, Shreeji Semiconductors, shares these plans, his views on taxation and the road ahead in the electronics industry.
Industry News
Samsung replaces Intel to become the top semiconductor company – Gartner report
Worldwide semiconductor revenue totalled US$ 419.7 billion in 2017, a 22.2 per cent increase over 2016, according to preliminary results by Gartner Inc...
New Products
• Components & Modules
• Test & Measurement
• Miscellaneous

LED Focus
LEDs rule the outdoor lighting landscape
High performance LED outdoor lighting technologies are expected to offer 50 per cent or more power savings compared to the traditional billboard systems. They last longer and are easier to maintain and operate.
Sourcing Mantra
Barriers to scaling up capacitor manufacturing for LEDs
The demand for capacitors in the LED industry is quite high, as it is an important component that regulates the power used by LED lights. However, the Indian LED industry is highly dependent on imported capacitors at present, as only a handful of local companies make these products in the country.
LED New Products
New Osram LED for headlights on all vehicle classes
Osram Opto Semiconductors has added the new Oslon Compact PL to its portfolio of products for the automotive sector.
LED News
Ridaex TV plans to fully dominate LED TV sector in India by mid-2018
Under the ‘Make in India’ scheme, Ridaex Technologies assembled a group of engineers and a set of skilled...
LED Interesting Products
• A lamp that provides Internet access via LEDs
• Nanoleaf can transform your home with just an LED panel
• Input Club launches the K-Type mechanical keyboard

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