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Electronics Bazaar
June  2019   Issue Vol. 13  No. 4 

Industry Report
The Indian solar industry: It’s time to think differently
After facing a sluggish market in 2018, the Indian solar industry needs innovative approaches to drive sustainable growth.

Govt Policies & Schemes
Electronics manufacturing in India: The current outlook
As ‘Make in India’ and Digital India prospects grow, the government targets increased electronics manufacturing.
Inside the investor’s mind - How to get your startup funded!
Getting funding at the right time is one of the major accelerators for budding startups. Experts believe that it is more challenging for electronics and IoT startups to convince angel investors to fund them. What is the reason behind this and how can the situation be turned around?
The Toppers
Top 8 solar companies in India
For the past few years, the cost of manufacturing solar PV panels has dropped considerably on account of a variety of government policies. Nonetheless, people in India are still not aware of accurate prices, the brands and the technologies related to solar products, services and installations. Experts claim that the addition of solar capacity in India is all set to escalate throughout 2019. In the light of this, the Electronics Bazaar team has set out to let readers know more about the leaders in this field.
What India needs to do to boost the e-mobility sector
Transportation is getting revolutionised with the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) growing over the past couple of years. Global experts feel that EVs will not only lower costs but also save the environment from the polluting effects of petrol and diesel. So, the auto sector is set to change completely, with 150 year old technologies being phased out to make way for e-mobility.
Ericsson’s 5G technologies promise huge benefits for operators and consumers
India is currently poised at the cusp between 4G and 5G technologies. As global players await the domestic spectrum auction and ready themselves to roll out their offerings in the world’s fastest-growing telecom market, we look at what one key player, Ericsson, has to offer.
Product Manufacturing
It is EPEMS and not EMS that will ensure ‘Make in India’ succeeds
As more young entrepreneurs jump into the startup arena, many are getting their fingers burnt, with products failing in the market. A veteran from the industry, Srinivasa Moorthy S.A. highlights the reasons behind this. He advocates the electronics product engineering and manufacturing services (EPEMS) approach, rather than the EMS (electronics manufacturing services) route. Read on to learn more…
ePower Focus
Smart grids: The future of the Indian power sector
The transition from the traditional grid to smart grids is a welcome move in the Indian power industry. Being crippled by chronic challenges like the demand-supply disparity as well as numerous environmental concerns, smart grids present a pragmatic solution to the current power crisis in the country.
Inspection Systems
"Koh Young was the first player in the SPI market, and now has 53 per cent market share"
Constant miniaturisation in electronics manufacturing has led to ever-increasing PCB density and complexity. As the manufacturing process becomes progressively more complicated, the probability of defects in finished PCB assemblies gets higher. Peter Shin, managing director of Koh Young SE Asia Pte Ltd, in an interaction with Baishakhi Dutta of the EFY Group shares how his organisation is making 3D inspection systems a viable option for electronics manufacturing.
India Strategy
"Apart from distributors, we also want to connect with EMS companies that we can work with"
To keep up with India’s growing demand of electronics, global players are adopting a simple formula - expanding their distribution channels with more skilled and adept distributors. T.H. Kuang, vice president of Taiwan-headquartered Phison Electronics Corp. speaks with Baishakhi Dutta of the EFY Group about the skills the firm looks for in new distributors and the importance of the Indian market.
"3D holographic visuals can convert passive audiences into real buyers"
Successful branding and audience engagement depend on innovative and eye-catching marketing strategies. 3D holographic visuals have become a globally popular technology to generate audience interest. Kiryl Chykeyuk, co-founder and managing partner of UK-based HYPERVSN, talks to Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You about the various design elements of hologram systems and how such technologies are benefitting businesses.
SMT Focus
Stay market-ready with advanced PCB handling systems that enhance productivity
Manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) requires highly specialised techniques. The latest PCB handling machinery uses high-tech design elements to ensure smooth operations and energy efficiency.
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North Special

Industry News
SC ruling on privacy the first step to making India ready for artificial intelligence: MeitY official
The Supreme Court upholding privacy as a fundamental right is the first step to making India ready to adopt artificial intelligence (AI), and the government has already started working on the framework for this, officials claim...
New Products
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Sourcing Mantra
Choosing lenses and reflectors for LED lights
There is no single parameter that can guarantee the optical performance of a given lens. We need to understand several parameters and the relationships between them, before arriving at a good lighting solution. And critical to this decision making process is an understanding of how LED lenses and reflectors can be combined for the best results.
Lighting Ahead
“Even as the government makes all the effort to promote LED lighting, the highest priority should be given to quality”
Navitas is the LED lighting brand of Zero Systems, an electronics/
embedded product design and manufacturing company. The company has over 30 years’ experience in the field of data processing and, more recently, in the design of LED signage systems. In 2012, it ventured into designing efficient LED lights. By 2013, with these lights successfully built, the company decided to develop more efficient LED products to replace the power hungry metal halide lamps widely used in industrial sheds. Suhas A. Kulkarni, the founder of the company, has won accolades like the ‘Best Woman Entrepreneur’ award from the government of Maharashtra in 2018 and the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award for 2015 from the Vidarbha Industries Association. In conversation with Potshangbam July of Electronics Bazaar, she talks about the company and its products, government policies and incentives, the current challenges faced in the LED lighting industry and its future potential.
LED News
Xiaomi Mi LED smart bulb goes on sale
Xiaomi has recently launched its Mi LED smart bulb, for which the company has also started crowdfunding via its website...
LED New Products
Horticulture LED product
Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its mid-power LED package – the LM301H – for horticulture applications, such as greenhouse and vertical farming...

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