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Electronics Bazaar
February  2019   Issue Vol. 12  No. 12 

Industry Report
The LED lighting boom is here to stay
The ever increasing need for a smart, connected lifestyle as well as energy-efficiency measures are going to drive the growth of the Indian LED lighting industry.

Govt Policies & Schemes
Is NPE 2.0 the silver lining in the dark cloud hindering Indian manufacturing?
In order to establish India as a manufacturing hub for electronic products, the government has come out with a draft National Policy on Electronics 2018. Though the draft is still in the approval stage, this article looks at whether the policy can boost the electronics manufacturing ecosystem in the country.
Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
In The News
China increases VAT refund rates; India smells trouble
In the last quarter of 2018, China rewarded its domestic manufacturers with higher rebates on export value-added tax, a strategy to keep them ahead in their ongoing trade tussle with the United States. Given India’s already-high imports of Chinese electronic products and its ongoing attempts to reduce this dependence, does China’s move to counter US sanctions send the Indian electronics industry back to square one?
World View
How to choose conformal coatings that work over the long term
In an informative panel discussion, global experts dealing in conformal coating solutions share detailed insights on the various considerations for purchasing conformal coatings for LED outdoor modules. This panel discussion was originally published at www.circuitnet.com

PCB Industry
The current Indian PCB industry – and where it can go from here
Most of us carry around at least one PCB in our mobile phone. Right from the everyday gadgets to the highly advanced satellites, PCBs have become omnipresent. That will give us an idea about the demand for PCBs and their paramount importance in this digital age.
Data Analytics
“We are making it easier for engineers and scientists to become data scientists”
The increasing complexity of business models and the vast scale of today’s business operations require data to be used effectively in order to stay competitive. This has created a massive demand for data analytics and simulation platforms. Sunil Motwani, industry director of MathWorks, explains to Rahul Chopra of the EFY Group how the company’s products—MATLAB and Simulink—enable enterprises to improve business efficiency and expand their markets.
SMT Focus
The latest automated optical inspection systems in the market
Automated optical inspection (AOI) is crucial during the manufacture and testing of electronic printed circuit boards. Small errors in each step of manufacturing may pile up into major flaws in the final product. AOI systems enable continuous contactless inspection of PCBs at each step, and filter out errors like wrong component placement, solder misses, solder shorts, etc, before these turn into expensive and time-consuming quality issues. In this article, we feature some of the latest AOI models launched in the country in the last one year.
Gill Sense: A pocket-sized device to optimise the use of utilities
Manually recording utility data from meters is tedious and error-prone, especially for industries. It is also considered a sub-optimal use of resources, leading to higher expenses and unnecessary wastage. To address this challenge faced by enterprises, Gill Instruments has come up with the Wi-Fi device, Gill Sense.
India Strategy
“In the next five years, we predict up to a 10-fold growth in business from India”
India’s dynamic electronics ecosystem is creating a strong demand for test and measurement instruments. The market has opened its doors to global T&M players, offering them significant business opportunities. James Huang, VP-overseas sales, Good Will Instrument Co., discusses the expansion plans the company has charted out for the Indian market with Paromik Chakraborty of the EFY Group.
Component Distributor
"Our search engine has 1200 distribution companies offering their products"
Sourceability is a global technology company that specialises in the distribution of electronic components across the world. Read on to discover how it delivered profitability within just three-and-a-half years of being launched. Jens Gamperl, founder and CEO of Sourceability, talks about this and much more in a face-to-face interaction with Rahul Chopra of the EFY Group. Excerpts from the interview...
New Products
• Components
• Test & Measurement
• Miscellaneous

In The News
Can India turn into an electronics manufacturing giant?
The Indian electronics industry is at the cusp of change. The speed at which Indians are acquiring new products and technologies is a good indicator of the digital revolution sweeping across the country. Ravi Shankar Prasad, minister of electronics and IT, government of India, and Rajiv Kumar, vice chairman, NITI Aayog, are two key figures in the Indian government responsible for the policies for the Indian electronics industry. This article features their thoughts on the trends that will impact this industry, as well as the developments and opportunities that lie ahead.
LED New Products
Horticulture LED products
Lumileds has introduced the LUXEON SunPlus 2835 line of LEDs for horticulture applications. These LEDs provide eight colour options and high photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) for improving plant growth rate and the crop yield of a variety of plants and vegetables.
Industry News
Saankhya Labs launches Pruthvi 3, India’s first indigenous next-gen SoC
Saankhya Labs has introduced what it claims is the world’s first and most advanced multi-standard next-generation System-on-Chip (SoC)—the Pruthvi 3...
Adani Group buys Alpha Design Technologies for Rs. 4 billion
Bengaluru-based defence electronics and hi-tech major, Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd, was recently acquired by the Adani Group in an all-cash deal. The company was founded by current CMD Col. H.S. Shankar, post-retirement in 2003. The 72-year-old’s inspirational journey in the electronics industry earned him the ELCINA-EFY Electronics Man of the Year award in 2018. The firm was acquired for a tidy sum of Rs. 4 billion.
Recycling EV batteries: An elephant in the room?
Since lithium is not an abundant element on earth, it is necessary to reuse it from used batteries to keep up with the supply.
Sourcing Mantra
Aluminium is the first choice for making the PCBs used in LED lights
The relatively low cost of aluminium compared to copper and steel, its light weight, excellent durability and its heat transferring capabilities are some of the reasons why this metal is increasingly being used in the manufacture of metal core PCBs for LED lights.
Remembering Om Wadhwa
As the founder of JV Electronics, Om Wadhwa spearheaded India’s electronics export drive at a time when the country’s electronics industry had just begun to take shape. His vision and leadership turned the company into a top exporter of electronic components to the US and Europe.
Test & Measurement
"Any R&S equipment bought today will meet customer needs for the next four to five years"
Rohde & Schwarz sees good opportunity in the Indian market for its T&M business. Andreas Pauly, executive vice president - Test and Measurement, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, and Yatish Mohan, managing director of Rohde & Schwarz India, in an interaction with Baishakhi Dutta and Deepshikha Shukla of the EFY Group, share insights on their business strategy in India to facilitate technology growth in the country.
Defence Electronics
"BEL is confident of achieving a healthy growth rate of 12-15 per cent in the coming years"
Its Research and Development capabilities is what has helped Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) to meet the strategic defence needs of the country successfully. In an interaction with the editorial team of Electronics Bazaar, V. Mahesh, Director-R&D, BEL, shares the organisation’s vision for the Indian defence electronics market.
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May 2019
Issue Vol. 13 No. 3

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