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Electronics Bazaar
March  2019   Issue Vol. 13  No. 1 

Industry Report
The Indian ESDM industry: The outlook for 2019
Zero electronics imports by 2020 seem a distant dream, with imports still forming a large part of the Indian electronics manufacturing ecosystem. With manufacturing technology changing tirelessly, the Indian government and the ESDM industry have a lot to do to keep up with it, and to ‘make in India’ a lot more.

Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
Exporters to get 50 per cent money back for testing their products in India
With the dawn of the NPE 2.0 era, the government is expected to unveil policies that are certain to enhance exports. In this article, we look at a scheme that is expected to provide financial relief to those testing their products in India prior to exporting them.
Industry News
Industry players welcome the government’s move on AI in Budget 2019
Finance Minister Piyush Goyal has announced that the government will soon launch a national artificial intelligence portal to strengthen the AI sector in India...
Government offers 50 per cent funding to relevant industry-academia research projects
A symbiotic collaboration between academia and industry can help the nation grow by leaps and bounds. Recognising this, the Indian government, along with experts from the electronics industry and academic institutions, has launched new R&D schemes and initiatives. These will hopefully lead to the creation of innovative solutions that can address real-life challenges as well as the immediate needs of the industry. In this article, we look at two such ongoing initiatives that can boost the country’s R&D ecosystem further.
Make in India
Zero custom duty on 35 capital goods will save industry millions!
The Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) has exempted 35 of the capital goods used in manufacturing electronic goods from basic custom duty (BCD). This is to promote domestic manufacturing. Relief from duty on high-investment machinery is expected to lead to a major reduction in capital expenditure for businesses.
iQuant: A point-of-care test-kit analyser that’s made in India, for India
Over the years, innovators have been trying to create ways for digital and medical technologies to converge, to enable newer and better diagnostic solutions for the healthcare industry. The advances in the digital industry now provide the healthcare industry with tools that can be redesigned and re-engineered for more cost-effective solutions in the imaging and diagnostics space. Delhi-based J. Mitra & Company has been focusing on creating cost-effective and mobile solutions for the Indian medical industry. The company’s latest invention, the iQuant analyser, addresses the shortage of low cost medical test equipment in local diagnostic centres.
Standards Compliance
"The next stage of evolution will be to strengthen the regulatory framework through a conformity assessment programme"
India’s domestic manufacturing and design environment for electronics and the IoT is improving consistently. As new players and investments come in to enrich the ecosystem, adherence to standards, quality and safety regulations has to be ensured through thorough testing. Srinivasa Desikan, sales director - South Asia at Underwriters Laboratory (UL) talks to Rahul Chopra from the EFY Group about how third party testing facilities are gearing up for this situation, and what the industry can do to prepare for the challenges down the line.
SMT Focus
The latest in high-volume pick-and-place machines
It is important to evaluate the accuracy and performance capabilities of high-volume pick-and-place SMT machines before making a purchase, to ensure you unlock the true potential these machines offer during PCB assembly.
New Products
• Components
• Test & Measurement

LED New Products
Broadband LED
Japan based Ushio Opto Semiconductors has announced that it has developed a broadband LED that produces an output of 160mW over a wide bandwidth between 400nm and 1000nm. It covers the range from visible light to near-infrared light...
Interim Budget 2019: Who are the real winners?
With general elections around the corner, the Indian electronics industry was right in expecting a few positive announcements in the Interim Budget 2019, and it has not been disappointed in that respect. The startup and solar sector, however, are not too impressed.
India Strategy
"We plan to have a full-fledged office in India in another year"
Power supplies for electronic systems are always in high demand. The business opportunities are immense and foreign players are looking at India as an expansion destination. One such power supply solutions provider is MEAN WELL Enterprises. Frances Lai, marketing specialist, MEAN WELL, talks to Paromik Chakraborty of the EFY Group about the company’s business strategies and plans for India.
Manufacturing Focus
The fundamentals of selecting the right hand tools
No matter how efficiently automated machines perform, some tasks are impossible without manual assistance. No machinery is as flexible as some of the simple and humble hand tools. And often, it’s these that yield the desired results, even in the high-tech world of electronics manufacturing.
My Story
"Although I entered this field out of compulsion, it later turned into my passion!"
Every great journey begins with a dream. Sunil Hasija, managing director of Elektronika Sales Pvt Ltd, is one such dreamer who took risks early on and stuck with strong work ethics and commitments to succeed in life. In an exclusive interaction with Baishakhi Dutta of the EFY Group, he shares how he aims to take his organisation to global heights and leave a mark on the Indian electronics industry.
Future Tech
Li-Fi: Tomorrow’s connectivity with the power of light
The visible light spectrum remains an untapped resource with a large bandwidth, making Li-Fi the connectivity technology of tomorrow.
Sourcing Mantra
The Indian LED industry needs testing facilities and quality standards
The Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers’ Association of India (ELCOMA) is spreading awareness about the benefits of LEDs through workshops, seminars and exhibitions, apart from coming out with an LED street lighting guide for everyone in the industry. It is also educating people about the hazards of buying low cost but unsafe lighting products. However, there is no mandate for quality standards or an environment for manufacturers to invest in the production of LED chips in India yet. The government must step in to correct this scenario by setting up more testing labs and enforcing quality standards.
LED News
Budget 2019: LED bulbs led to annual
savings of ` 500 billion in electricity bills

The UJALA scheme that provides LED bulbs to all households across the country has resulted in annual savings of up to Rs. 500 billion in electricity bills, for the poor and middle class families, said Finance Minister Piyush Goyal in his Interim Budget speech for 2019-20.
Experts’ Talk
Writing the rules for autonomous vehicles
Self-driving vehicles are a good idea. Why? Because a world that invests enormous amounts of energy and precious resources building complex machines that spend most of their lives doing nothing is hardly on the path to sustainability. Last year, analyst firm Statista reported that manufacturers assembled 94.7 million light vehicles (cars and vans), and that number is expected to grow to 111.7 million by 2023. This growth is driven in large part by the Chinese and Indian middle classes as they look for ways to spend their new wealth. And yet, in the US at least, cars do little more than adorn the drives of suburban homes, spending just 8 per cent of their operating lives moving people from Point A to B.
Consumer Electronics
“Getting labour is easy in India, but finding skilled workers is difficult”
Televisions comprise a major and booming segment of the consumer electronics market in India. The interesting thing is that there is a steady increase in the number of Indian players who are manufacturing television sets in the country, and using locally made products in large part to do so. Nimit Luthra, managing director of Stanlee India Enterprises Pvt Ltd, talks to Baishakhi Dutta and Mukul Kumar from Electronics Bazaar about how his firm plans to make an impact in this highly competitive market, and how the Make in India initiative has helped it so far.
Components Distribution
"We are planning to strengthen our team in Bengaluru, from the current number of 150 to 300 people"
Mouser Electronics is a leading online distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, representing over 750 manufacturers. How the company brings about excellent growth, and successfully manages such a wide range of suppliers and their large inventory of products, is what Rahul Chopra of the EFY Group tried to find out during a chat with Mark Burr-Lonnon, SVP Global Service, APAC and EMEA, Mouser Electronics.
ePower Focus
Increased Internet accessibility to boost demand for adapters
Recent developments in technology have led to new specifications for adapters, and more benefits for users of various mobile devices. Adapters have evolved considerably in the last few years, and there is no longer a need to carry around a collection of them for different purposes, or while travelling across countries. Advances in technology have led to different specifications and, in turn, new benefits when using a particular type of adapter, especially in the case of mobile devices and set-top boxes (STBs).
Lighting Ahead
Smart lighting innovations for small and medium workplaces
Initial investments in smart lighting may be high, but in a well-planned setup, recovery of investments can be quick with long-term benefits.
Ready for Shipment
"We believe inventory is an asset that promotes sales"
Formalising a strong supply chain strategy is critical for the success of any business, as it helps organisations flourish and meet customer demands on time. Rahul Chopra of the EFY Group caught up with Dave Doherty, president and chief operating officer of Digi-Key Electronics, during the launch of the company’s IoT Studio at Electronica 2018 in Germany, to find out, among other things, the market strategy that has helped the organisation retain a strong foothold in the dynamic supply chain ecosystem. Excerpts follow...
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August 2019
Issue Vol. 13 No. 6

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