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Electronics Bazaar
May  2020   Issue Vol. 14  No. 3 

Market Survey
The growth of the wearables market
As technology advances rapidly, providing cutting-edge functionalities in smaller form factors, wearables are becoming a very essential part of our lives. These sophisticated devices are equipped with smart sensors and associated with the exchange of data over the Internet. Being an emerging trend, wearable devices fit into our changing lifestyles and can be worn on any part of the body. We now have smartwatches, head-mounted displays, smart clothing, ear-worn devices, fitness trackers, and body cameras, to name a few.

Lighting Ahead
The tech trends in LEDs that will dominate the lighting industry
The lighting industry has been evolving at a rapid pace over the last few years. With significant improvements in technology, LEDs are now a great option to traditional lights.
Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
LED New Products
LED fixture
Orion Lighting has introduced its bacteria-fighting LED fixture for public areas, called the ISON LDRMH1. The product features the Britex anti-microbial fixture coating, along with an option to add VioSafe anti-microbial light technology.
How COVID-19 has affected Indian ESDM clusters
Recognising the seriousness of the COVID-19 problem, the government of India has sent advisories to Indian missions abroad to scout for alternative sources of goods that Indian industry needs, to continue production for the domestic and export markets. Needless to say, the impact of this global pandemic will be felt across the Indian electronics industry for a considerable amount of time even after things crawl back to normal.
The future of automotive technology
The automobiles of today are moving towards becoming what we imagined in the 1980s— driverless, connected to the Internet and more fuel-efficient. This paradigm transformation in the automotive industry will continue well into the future to create vehicles that will be mind boggling. With the introduction of autonomous cars, the use of emerging technologies is only poised to increase. Incredibly precise and clear vision will converge with technical expertise and dedication, on a global scale.
Data Converters
The recent trends in RF data converters
Analogue-to-digital converters (ADC) and digital-to-analogue converters (DAC) act as bridges between the two domains. For years, these devices have remained the interface between the analogue and digital worlds. Data converters used to occupy a large chunk of your test bench or instrument rack and consumed a lot of power. The rate of data conversion offered by traditional ADCs/DACs was often a major bottleneck in any system. Today, there has been a drastic improvement in the performance of data converters. They are now incorporated into an SoC or an FPGA, leading to superior performance and power efficiency.
Electronic Components
How government policies are boosting the manufacture of electronic components
The Indian government is offering various incentive schemes to boost the domestic production of electronic components.
“We help startups in every possible way during the incubation period“
A brainchild of the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Electropreneur Park helps electronics startups through the processes of incubation, acceleration and pitching to VCs. This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). The STPI, the University of Delhi and India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA) are also stakeholders in this venture...
My Story
“Your customers and staff are the backbone of your business”
“I strongly believe that simplicity and honesty get recognised and pay back later, if not immediately.” This is the mantra that drove Suresh Nair, director, Leaptech Corporation, to enter the electronics business in 2003, and the success of his firm proved him right. In a candid conversation with Baishakhi Dutta, Nair shares how he witnessed the SMT revolution in India and developed a well-known brand from scratch. Excerpts follow...
Mobile Gaming
The world of gaming: Powered by revolutionary chipsets
The expansion in the smartphone gaming industry in India is led by innovative chipsets that optimise performance, provide superb image quality and smooth gameplay, and ensure uninterrupted connectivity for dedicated gamers.
IoT Business
"The awareness about IoT solutions in India is still quite low"
As a core subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, UNISOC is a fabless semiconductor company committed to R&D in the area of core chipsets in mobile communications and IoT. Its products cover mobile chipset platforms supporting 2G/3G/4G/5G communication standards and various chipset solutions in the fields of IoT, RFFE, wireless connection, security, TVs, etc...
ePower Focus
Why battery chargers are critical in extending the life of batteries
Battery chargers are continually evolving with the addition of advanced features that have made the charging process more convenient, reliable and simple. The greatest benefit these chargers provide is in prolonging the life of the batteries.
Industry News
Cabinet rolls out three schemes to boost electronics manufacturing
The Union Cabinet has approved three schemes to enable large scale electronics manufacturing and attract fresh investments worth about Rs 500 billion in the sector...
New Products
• Components
• Test & Measurement
• Modules
• Miscellaneous

Electronics Industry
How COVID-19 affects the Indian electronics industry
COVID-19, from the large family of coronaviruses (CoV), has now become a threat to humans and to the global economy. Because of lower production, China’s GDP is speculated to drop by 1-1.25 percentage points. Most of the provinces and hubs of electronic component production in China went into lockdown after the virus outbreak. This will obviously hit the global economy as China accounts for approximately 19.71 per cent of global GDP at purchasing power parity. Hence, experts speculate that global GDP will drop by around 0.5 per cent during the course of this pandemic. Industry experts claim that the virus outbreak will also impact the Indian electronics industry on a massive scale.
My Story
“I am very happy to employ 225 people in over 14 countries, offering them good jobs”
Christopher J. Fussner, who grew up on Long Island, New York, is the founder and president of Trans Technology Worldwide, a leading SMT solutions provider. He is proud about the fact that his success was earned through hard work, zeal and honesty. During his childhood, he went to a Catholic school and later, to George Washington University (Washington DC)...
IoT & AI solutions
"IoT is one of the areas 5G technology has the potential to affect in a big way"
Manish Misra, chief innovation officer at Panasonic India, is currently spearheading the company’s Innovation Centre based in Bengaluru. In his current role, he is responsible for driving innovation to shape future products and solutions for Panasonic in India and for markets beyond. He is also driving a technology-enabled strategy of the company with a specific focus on emerging trends, such as IoT, analytics, blockchain, the cloud and mobile. In a conversation with Potshangbam July, Misra discusses Panasonic’s latest product launch, the potential of 5G technology, and a lot more.
SMT Focus
The latest products available in the SMT dispensing and coating market
SMT dispensing products have the potential to process a vast variety of chemistries that comprise viscous or abrasive materials, irrespective of slight changes in these materials due to atmospheric conditions. These dispensing, coating and curing systems are ideal for selective coating, potting, beading, and meter-mix dispensing applications. Apart from that, they are also suitable for batch or inline operations, and are designed for high accuracy and demanding applications.
Green Energy
The benefits of building solar charging stations for electric vehicles
Although electric vehicles (EVs) are considered an eco-friendly option, global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions will remain an issue if conventional sources of energy are used to generate the electricity to power EVs. Several companies like ABB, Magenta Power, ChargePoint, Leviton Manufacturing, Schneider Electric, Siemens AG and Tesla are operating in the global EV charging station market. Generating power from renewable energy sources like solar addresses this concern, maximising the green impact of EVs. It is true that the production of solar panels results in carbon emissions but they become carbon neutral in a few years and last for 15 to 20 years, on an average.
Connected Lighting
LEDs and Li-Fi brighten the future of connected lighting systems
Until recently, lighting systems operated as localised points of illumination. However, this function is evolving as our dependence on connectivity and data continues to increase. Connected lighting systems (CLSs) blend LED capabilities with IoT connectivity to enable design engineers to simultaneously provide illumination and transfer data. With the IoT as the data collection platform, CLSs will save electrical energy while opening up new avenues to provide a range of services and benefits to people and organisations.
Sourcing Mantra
Thermal management solutions for LED displays
Digital LED signage is rapidly becoming mainstream due to its low power consumption. Its life span and reliability are dependent on how its temperature is controlled, especially in outdoor signage applications. If not properly managed, UV and IR rays from the sun can pose a big risk for an outdoor digital screen. Indoor displays can also be prone to excessive heat even in temperature-controlled environments, such as in an office or factory.
LED News
Tamil Nadu police continues drive to stop usage of dangerous auxiliary LED headlights
A recent video posted on social media carries footage of police personnel of the Erode district in Tamil Nadu breaking the illegally fitted after-market auxiliary LED headlights.
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July 2020
Issue Vol. 14 No. 5

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