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Electronics Bazaar
October  2019   Issue Vol. 13  No. 8 

Industry Report
Mobile phone manufacturing in India: A success story
India’s mobile phone manufacturing industry is on a roll and is perhaps the most successful example of the government’s Make in India drive. Huge domestic consumption of mobile phones and policy reforms are expected to drive domestic value addition too, which remains a concern. This can also create a demand for electronics manufacturing services specifically for the Indian mobile manufacturing industry.

Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
Chips and Designs
“Our microcontrollers are great for digital power applications”
Advanced analogue peripherals allow more sensors and user-friendly features, leading to greater cyber security in the IoT era. Vinay Thapliyal, technical marketing manager, MCU, India, STMicroelectronics speaks with Deepshikha Shukla, technology journalist, Electronics For You, about how ST’s new mathematical accelerators are increasing the speeds of connected devices, while saving energy.
Tech Patent
Why filing patents is important for startups
Acquiring a patent is now of utmost importance when developing any innovative product or solution, as the risks of a copy-cat product being launched are high. Besides, a patent enhances and protects the value of your product or service, particularly in the tech domain.
ePower Focus
Lack of charging infrastructure is an obstacle to the adoption of EVs in India
The Indian government aims to have only electric vehicles on the roads by 2030, but does the country have the charging infrastructure to achieve this target?
Sourcing Mantra
For better light transmission, choose the right additives for light diffusers
Learn more about the additives used in light diffusers. The right choice of material will ensure the product remains light in weight, eliminates hot spots and doesn’t result in eye strain.
Lighting Ahead
The role of LED lights in the horticulture industry
With their capability to precisely control spectral composition, ensure low heat emission and deliver effective light output for years on end, without the need for frequent replacements, LED lights are set to transform the horticulture industry.
LED News
Wipro launches voice assistant enabled smart LED light
Wipro has now launched its own smart LED that can turn your home into part lounge, part mini movie theatre or even an office, a yoga class and a fun play area for your kids! Its 16 million colour combinations create mood lighting suitable for every occasion...
Industry News
MeitY and Google to join hands for ‘Build for Digital India’ initiative
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and Google have signed a statement...
Electric Vehicle
Will NEMMP 2020 and FAME be game changers in the Indian EV domain?
With a number of Indian cities registering alarming levels of air pollution, the government’s drive to pack Indian roads with EVs needs to be accelerated. However, whether NEMMP 2020 and FAME, which are its flagship schemes in the EV sector, will have the promised impact is anyone’s guess.
SMT Focus
Analyse your requirements before investing in solder paste inspection (SPI) systems
Solder paste print quality is becoming more and more important as electronic systems get increasingly sophisticated with the components getting smaller and smaller. Solder paste inspection (SPI) is the key testing method to control the quality of solder paste printing in SMT. Hence, the cost of a wrong buying decision can be high.
Trade Fairs
"More than 18 global companies are participating in the upcoming edition of the trade fairs"
electronica India and productronica India are leading trade fairs in the Indian ESDM industry that showcase the latest and emerging electronic components and production technologies. In an interview with Electronics Bazaar, Bhupinder Singh, CEO of Messe Muenchen India (MMI), talks about how the two co-located trade fairs have grown over the years, what can be expected in the 2019 edition, and more.
Component Distribution
"We handhold our customers from the blueprint stage to prototyping, followed by production"
Whether it is choosing the right principal or reaching out to the right customer, component distributors need to go that extra mile to succeed in the fast-changing market. Rushabh Shah, director, Madhu Subtronic Components Pvt Ltd, a Mumbai based electronic components distributor with 37 years of experience, speaks to Baishakhi Dutta of the Electronicsforu.com Network about how the firm serves its customers and principals, its plans for online sales, and more.
Component Distribution
"We work with startups across the globe to support them as they bring their designs to market"
Customer requirements and providing flexible purchase options are what bigger players in the component distribution game seem to put maximum focus on. Navin Honnavar, senior marketing manager-South Asia, element14, talks to Baishakhi Dutta of the Electronicsforu.com Network about the firm’s flexible purchase models and its plans for the future.
Memory and Storage Market
"We want to help more data-intensive businesses realise the importance of secured storage"
In order to make a computer system operate smoothly without any interruptions, the crucial task is to manage the memory of the system properly.
A solid-state drive/disk (SSD) can meet this requirement. It uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. Its major components are the controller and the memory to store the data. The growth of this industry is primarily due to the increasing demand and usage of notebooks, the escalating storage requirements of the Big Data industry, along with the supremacy of SSD over Flash memory. But this industry is also facing many challenges such as worldwide competition from solid-state arrays and data security concerns. This is where the US based global technology firm Kingston Technology steps in, with its new solutions and products. Electronics Bazaar’s Nijhum Rudra speaks to Vishal Parekh, marketing director, Kingston Technology, about the current storage and memory landscape, its new role in data storage security, and a lot more.
Artificial Intelligence
"AI cannot be expected to produce impactful insights without it being set up to suit the needs of a business"
With AI, businesses are able to identify and unearth hidden revenue streams, run highly personalised campaigns on a large scale and garner more meaningful insights, as compared to traditional resource-driven analytics and model development. Sudeshna Datta, co-founder and executive VP, Absolutdata, talks to Deepshikha Shukla, technology journalist, Electronics For You, about how AI can eliminate the need for manual intervention, while enhancing productivity and giving businesses access to massive data sets in real-time.
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South Special
The total revenue from the global electronics industry in 2018 amounted to US$ 395.4 billion, whereas the ESDM segment alone was valued at US$ 301 billion, over the same period. In India, the electronics industry market is expected to reach US$ 228 billion by 2020, up from the current level of approximately US$ 70 billion. Currently...
Is Reliance Jio India’s biggest telecom disruptor?
In 2016, the Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio transformed the mobile phone landscape in India by reaching out to network starved remote areas with its 4G phones and services that were free of cost, as well as to cost-conscious urban markets. A few telecom operators could not match these services and fell by the side. Others had to merge to face the stiff competition. All in all, the mobile services game changed totally with the entry of Jio and is poised to change further. Because the company still has a lot up its sleeve.
LED New Products
LED high baylights
OPPLE Lighting, one of the world’s leading LED lighting brands, has launched the LED HighbayEcomax with a durable, robust and integrated design...
New Products
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• Miscellaneous

PCB Manufacturing
"The PCB design ecosystem is not supported adequately with hardware prototyping in India"
Bare PCBs are the foundation of any electronic device. With the increasing role of electronics in everyday life, including mobile phones, self-driving and electric cars, home automation and especially IoT, the need for a professional and reliable PCB supplier is critical. Baishakhi Dutta of the Electronicsforu.com Network spoke with three eminent leaders at the Hyderabad based Sulakshana Circuits Ltd (SCL)— C. Krishna Rao, chairman; Dr V. Venkata Ramani, director, business development; and S. Rambabu, GM - commercial and technical, to find out where the Indian PCB industry is headed and the challenges it faces.
SMT Business
"Indian customers value PCBA and Test Equipment, only if good after-sales support is available: Kyoritsu"
A customer’s journey never ends at the time of purchase. There are a few things to consider that will help to enhance the customer experience and build loyalty. The most important consideration is the after-sales service. N Y Patil, managing director of Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt Ltd, in an interaction with Baishakhi Dutta of the Electronicsforu.com Network, shares how his organisation has adopted strong after-sales support to stay competitive in growing PCBA and Test Equipments. Excerpts follow…
Consumer Electronics Market
"The Indian market has always been a challenge because of low price expectations, high competition and the complexities associated with geographical penetration"
With smart offices and smart homes becoming popular in the country, investments in the Indian consumer electronics industry are on the rise. Consumer electronics now has around 10 per cent market share in the Indian electronics industry, and it is the middle-income group in the country that is investing in the latest tech gadgets for personal and home use...
Test & Measurement
"IoT, AI and Industrial IoT are some of the new buzzwords in the T&M market"
The technology trends in the test and measurement (T&M) industry are very transient in nature, and it is a continuously evolving market. To keep up with the times, T&M experts are compelled to be ready for the next technological wave with innovative marketing strategies to capture the market. In a discussion with Potshangbam July from Electronics Bazaar, Madhukar Tripathi, senior manager, marketing and channel sales, Anritsu India Pvt Ltd, talks about the latest offerings from the company, the transformation in the T&M market, and much more.
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February 2020
Issue Vol. 13 No. 12

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