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Electronics Bazaar
September  2017   Issue Vol. 11  No. 7 

Industry Report
Is the Indian solar sector at the crossroads?
Is the Indian solar market still on a roll, riding a crest with lowering tariffs, and the introduction of GST? Let us delve deeper into this dynamic market…

An upcoming CII seminar on the urgent need for inverterisation of appliances to achieve energy efficiency
Accelerating urbanisation, expanding rural electrification, increasing per capita incomes and sustained economic growth is leading to greater demand for energy. The growing demand is being met through the generation of additional energy as well as by promoting the efficient use of available energy by consumers.
In The News
Building a successful tech business for vertical farms
To turn a vertical farming tech business into a profitable venture, technopreneurs must focus first on the farming and then on the technology.
In The News
Rising global investments in the battery storage sector impact India also
Mercom Capital Group recently released its funding and M&A report covering the global battery storage, smart grid and efficiency sectors for Q2 and the first half of 2017. The companies featured in this report raised US$ 1 billion in venture capital funding (including private equity and corporate venture capital) in 1H 2017. Indian firms also raised considerable global investments.
Buyers’ Interview
"We ensure that the suppliers we engage are reliable and trustworthy"
Supplier engagement is important for manufacturers today. Connecting with a reliable supplier ensures easy supply chain management. It helps a manufacturer maintain the quality of the products and manage the production time. Sneha Ambastha from Electronics Bazaar spoke to Arjuun Bajaj, director- Daiwa, Videotex International Pvt Ltd, a maker of LED displays, to understand its supply chain and supplier engagement processes.
In Conversation
"In today’s connected world, manufacturing units must be smart"
While the rest of the world is poised at the threshold of Industry 4.0, India faces many challenges when it comes to smart manufacturing. In a candid conversation with Baishakhi Dutta, senior business journalist, Electronics Bazaar, Vishal Dahiya, general manager, Panasonic India Pvt Ltd (Smart Factory Solutions Div.), talks about the advantages of smart manufacturing in the Indian electronics industry.
In Conversation
"To make high quality products, Indian manufacturers need to go abroad, buy technology and engage in various collaborations"
While the rest of the world is hovering at the verge of Industry 4.0, the Indian electronics industry still faces many challenges when it comes to buying quality products. In a candid conversation with Electronics Bazaar, Farook Merchant, chairman and MD, Messung, shares his business strategies and views on the obstacles and challenges faced by the Indian electronics industry.
In Conversation
"Everyone in this industry has to use surface mount technology, whether they like it or not"
As a pioneer in the field of electronics manufacturing equipment, the Electronica Group is well placed to have a vision of the bright future of SMT in India. In a candid conversation with Electronics Bazaar, L. Sampath, managing director, EMST Marketing Private Limited (a company that is a part of the Electronica group), talks about the firm’s business strategy, and how EMST has successfully pioneered the use of SMT technology in the Indian electronics industry.
In Conversation
"After the new initiatives announced by the government, we have seen significant investments coming in, which will increase PCB manufacturing in India"
Domestic PCB manufacturing is still at the nascent stage in India. But this scenario is poised to change because of various initiatives taken by the Central government to boost local manufacturing. In a conversation with Electronics Bazaar, Paresh Vasani, managing director, PCB Power, talks about how his company is gearing up to grow in line with Make in India and Digital India.
ePower Focus
The relevance of batteries in the renewable energy sector
As the renewable sector increases its footprint because of low tariffs, battery storage technology looks poised for growth.
Region Special
Western Region

Industry News
Aruna Sundararajan becomes full-time telecom secretary; Ajay Prakash Sawhney is new electronics and IT secretary
Aruna Sundararajan, secretary of IT and electronics, will now be taking full charge of the department of telecom (DoT), which till now was an additional charge given to her in May...
Sourcing Mantra
Why testing LED lights is necessary
LEDs are fast replacing conventional light sources due to their efficiency and long life. As a result, testing and quality checks are becoming an absolute necessity during the LED production process in order to meet these expectations of performance and reliability.
LED Interesting Products
.Disco Dog, a smartphone controlled LED dog vest
.Manage your sleep patterns with the Sunrise Smart Pillow
.Check the air you breathe with this smart umbrella

EMS Zone
Camware targets diverse markets to build a strong customer base
This young EMS company is focusing on building an integrated business model that offers comprehensive solutions for various segments of the electronics industry.
LED Focus
Making the right choice for home lighting
LEDs have emerged as a formidable lighting solution over the past decade due to their precise and clear lighting capabilities – which is why architects and planners are opting for them. These lights have now evolved to a stage that’s very close to imitating the spectrum of daylight. Biologically-effective LED lighting, which stabilises our biorhythms, is already being widely used across the globe.
LED News
Government revises price of appliances under UJALA, post GST
With the roll-out of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from July 1, the government has revised the prices of energy-efficient appliances distributed under a flagship scheme aimed at expanding the availability of such electrical products...
SMT Focus
What’s new in inspection systems other than the solder paste variants?
Most of the inspection systems in the market today are based on automated optical inspection technology.
New Products
.Components & Modules
.Test & Measurement

Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Thought leaders of India’s ESDM sector, who are advising us on how to facilitate faster growth of electronics industry in India
My Story
“Instead of blaming external factors, I prefer taking control of my life and the situation I’m in, to try and get the best out of whatever I have”
His uncle’s advice, “Instead of expecting or chasing good things in life, create good where you are and from what you have,” is the mantra that has helped Ganesh Jivani, MD of Matrix Comsec, come a long way and become a successful entrepreneur. In a candid conversation with Baishakhi Dutta, senior journalist for Electronics Bazaar, he shares his invigorating 25-year journey in the security and telecommunications industry.
LED New Products
Osram Lighting Solutions presents SIMPLITZ LED floodlights
Osram Lighting Solutions has recently introduced its SIMPLITZ LED floodlight series. Delivering up to 130lm/w efficacy, the SIMPLITZ LED floodlight...
Manufacturing Focus
Increase productivity by knowing the wire processing equipment market well
Selecting the right tools for wire processing functions can give a great boost to the productivity and efficiency of your business. If you are looking for a strong revenue driver, we recommend you start by evaluating the wire processing machines on your manufacturing floor.
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June 2018
Issue Vol. 12 No. 4

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